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When the Mass Effect video game first came out, I was no fan.  The "over the shoulder" viewpoint of the game turned me off.  I never got into the story because I couldn't stop noticing the perspective and how it was getting in my way.  Boy, have things changed…




After getting a gift card to a video game store, I decided to pick up all three games in the line, and to slog through them.  Something happened to me.  Something that's teaching me things.


I cared.


I hope you don't misunderstand.  I still don't particularly for that over-the-shoulder perspective from which the game is played.  I think the game's companions sometimes get in the way.  I wind up having to "shove" them to turn around.  Probably a dozen little details like that.


But, allow me to illustrate with a moment from the game…  SPOILER ALERT!