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Some people live their lives fearing being wrong.  They believe wrong is weak.  Wrong is... well... wrong.

But some of the greatest minds in history have been.  There's nothing wrong about wrong.

Albert Einstein famously opposed quantum mechanics.  He is oft-quoted as saying, "God does not play dice with the universe."  And yet that field of physics has led us to some of our most wondrous technologies, and to some of our most astounding insights about the universe we inhabit.

Is Einstein weaker for having been wrong?

I don't think so.  But I know some who do.  I once requested of someone that she notify people were she to change her mind about locking them out.  Her response was immediate and vociferous.  NO!  I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE!

Lighten up, princess.  No one asked you to apologize.  No one said that you were or are wrong.

But I've seen her shut out all opinions that disagree with her.  I've seen her declare that they "don't get it."

I feel sorry for her.  That kind of attitude is a denial of learning.  It is a form of closed eyes.  Closed to new, uncomfortable, exciting things.  Okay, she's not wrong.  But she'll never grow.

That's sad.  She is a writer, and yet she stifles her imagination, her creativity, by refusing to reconsider.

I have very definite opinions.  She thinks that I am steadfast in those opinions.  To a fault.

What she does not see that travelers, explorers, scientists, thinkers, they all did the same.  What they did not know, they surmised.  And if they were wrong, they changed.

She can never change, grow, explore, because she closes her eyes, her ears, her very mind to any idea that challenges her comfort, prejudices, her biases, her assertions of entitlement.  She presumes to know what I think, and also presumes that I cannot know her.

But I do.  She is closed to anything new, anything that challenges.  Anything that MIGHT lead to "I'm sorry."  Anything that may show her being wrong.  She fears wrong.

I don't.  I reach beyond my comfort zone, to things I do not know.  Sometimes, I'm right.  Quite a few times, I'm wrong.  But that's okay.  I'm not weak for being wrong.

I'd be weak if I feared being wrong.  If I were like her, and refused to see.

To strive is to imagine, to reach, to explore.  And I'd rather be wrong a hundred times than to refuse to even look.