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Who is Rob J Vargas?

That would be me.  IT Geek, wanderer outside the marked trails, and ever wanting to publish the next great novel.

I'm coming up on my 50th birthday this year, and writing has been one of those passions of mine that life seemed to find ways to interrupt.  Okay, I admit it: I allowed life to get in the way.

I've been working in Information Technology for eighteen years now.  Mostly as an IT generalist.  I worked at a host of small companies as "The IT Guy."  The one guy responsible for everything.  Jack of all trades, master of none.  But for the past four years, I've specialized in IT Security.  I'm enjoying that, although I miss having my hands in every pot.  That will always be my dream job.  "The IT Guy."

My writing has always tended to speculative fiction.  Fantasy and science fiction, with sci-fi as my more ardent pursuit.  Strange, then, that my completed work is fantasy.  Ah well, the muse leads me where she will.

More to come!